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1 Apr 2021

AIM Research has launched the 2021 Annual AIM Leadership Survey and the Learning and Development Survey

26 Mar 2021

AIM Business School are very proud to announce two new scholarships for current and emerging Women in Leadership and Regional Australians.

23 Jun 2020

AIM Business School is proud to announce our new range of eight functionally aligned Online Graduate Certificates.

11 Jun 2020

The Australian Institute of Management is pleased to announce that we will be re-opening all our campuses around Australia from July 1st.

15 May 2020

AIM Business School has created the Australian Leaders Scholarship to help people emerge from COVID-19 crisis stronger by providing $500 towards each unit studied.

21 Aug 2018

The Australian Institute of Management’s (AIM) CEO, Ben Foote, was interviewed recently on Sky News business programme “The Ladder” to discuss the lack of soft skills among Australian employees and why it’s crucial for businesses to start investing in training.

19 Apr 2018

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) is launching a game changing, updated MBA program to give leaders and executives access to skills growth, flexible learning at a significantly reduced price.

12 Mar 2018

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) has entered a strategic education collaboration with Beijing Sunlands Online University to offer AIM training and education programs to working professionals in China.

21 Sep 2017

Leading professional development learning solutions provider Australian Institute of Management (AIM) has a new leader.

8 May 2017

Welcome to the first 2017 edition of the AIM Business School Alumni News.