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Whether you’re learning new skills and knowledge from scratch or you’re complementing your existing skillsets and experience, our Vocational Qualifications are designed to teach you the latest theories and practical tools that will allow you to thrive in any industry. AIM’s Vocational Qualifications are designed and developed by highly experienced business people who have a wealth of knowledge to share with students. Choose a flexible study program that suits you and your schedule by studying online through our state-of-the-art portal, MyAIM.

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The AIM Gold Card gives you two years of exclusive benefits.

Gold Card

AIM Gold Card

AIM Course Specialists

AIM Course Specialists

This exclusive membership entitles you to consultations with our AIM Course Specialists. Develop a personalised study plan, identify opportunities to upskill, and maximise success beyond your degree.

Short Courses

Short Courses

As industry places greater emphasis on professional growth and micro-skilling, use the Gold Card to access all of AIM’s one-day and online short courses that will broaden your knowledge, develop skills specific to your career, and help you to evolve with the business world around you.

AIM Lounges

AIM Lounges

Utilise the collaborative workspaces at AIM Campuses located in major cities around Australia. Open yourself up to new ideas and fresh prospects as 20,000 likeminded AIM professionals come together each year to meet, study, and network.

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