Where workers of all functions, industries, and seniority levels come to improve their self-management and resiliency, which complements their existing technical ability for sustainable career success.

It is obvious why achieving mental wellness is beneficial on a personal level, but neuroscientific research also demonstrates that the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain. Being resilient to the stresses of life and work has become essential in the disruptive and rapidly changing environments we see today.

The Short Courses offered by the Faculty of Health and Effectiveness are industry leaders that can help any individual maximise their personal satisfaction and, through that, achieve greater productivity and career success.

91% of workers’ compensation claims involving a mental health condition were linked to work-related stress

72% of employees want employers to champion mental health and well-being

$12 billion lost annually in Australia due to mental illness absences and long-term work incapacity

31% more productive workers are found in positive work environments

Who should attend AIM's Health and Effectiveness courses?

responsible for ensuring workplaces are psychologically safe


looking to become more resilient to work-related stress 


who need to maintain their team’s health and productivity from afar


who want to better manage their priorities and problem-solving abilities


Faculty of Health and Effectiveness - Bill Carson

Bill Carson

Bill holds over twenty years of training expertise and brings a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience to organisations and individuals. Bill works directly with Business Leaders, Owners, and HR and Safety Specialists to build mental health safety and resilience skills for a healthy culture and enhanced business results. He brings expertise in Mental Health and Resilience as a Principal Master Instructor of Mental Health First Aid to organisations in Australia. Bill is also a regular volunteer Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter.

Faculty of Health and Effectiveness - Zena Mehanna

Zena Mehanna

Zena has worked in education and training for over 15 years. She is also an accomplished firefighter with over 22 years' experience and was one of the first 10 females in an operational leadership role within her organisation.  Consequently, she has gained unique insights in management, leadership, and resilience. The challenges of her varied workplaces have developed her abilities as a facilitator in the areas of resilience and mental health. Often described as "passionate and engaging", her diverse experiences add to her down-to-earth and genuine style of facilitation.

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