AIM Public Sector, which is supported by our dedicated public sector leadership and development group, the Centre for Public Management, is where Australians come to learn the unique intricacies of working in the public sector.

Of the 20,000 managers and leaders who attend AIM programs every year, more than 40% of them currently work in the public sector. AIM Public Sector is committed to providing Australia’s government and civic workforce with the professional development they need to succeed in their careers. Across a range of Short Courses, which are available for study at AIM campuses and through virtual classrooms to ensure all Australians can access this premier training, you will explore advanced management techniques catered to the nature of the public sector, as well as government finance and writing skills.

>2,000,000 Australians are employed in the public sector between Commonwealth, state, and local government

The Australian Public Service Commission prioritises skills around Leadership practice and Management expertise

Full-time public sector employees earn 10% more weekly on average than those in the private sector

29.2% of public servants hold either a certificate or diploma as their highest qualification


who want to expand their relevant knowledge to advance their career


wanting to start a career in the public sector


looking to grow their management and leadership capability


seeking skills that will allow them to shift their career path

AIM Public Sector Facilitators

AIM Public Sector - Max Rixe

Max Rixe

Max is an Associate Consultant with the Centre for Public Management (CPM). His areas of professional expertise include communication and influence, stakeholder engagement, change and transition management, restorative practices, effective collaboration, team building, and performance management. Max has been with CPM since 2017 and has worked with a variety of government departments and agencies.

AIM Public Sector - Sally Dooley

Sally Dooley

Sally is a leadership, performance and personal development specialist with over 20 years’ experience providing facilitation and coaching across government, private and community sectors. Sally has worked extensively in public sector organisations, facilitating a broad range of leadership, change management, resilience and performance management programs.

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