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About AIM Public Sector and the Centre for Public Management

Leadership starts with us

AIM Public SectorOver 40% of the 20,000 managers and leaders who attend AIM public programs every year are from the public sector, and we can tailor any of these programs to Federal, State and Local government across Australia.

AIM Public Sector is supported by our dedicated public sector leadership and development group, the Centre for Public Management (CPM). CPM has unique resources and experience, featuring a rich 28 year history in growing management and leadership capability across the public sector.

The Centre for Public Management is a values-based organisation driven to ensure individuals within the public service deliver the best possible outcomes for themselves and others.

Founded in 1991 by former senior public servants and acquired by the Australian Institute of Management in 2013, CPM is at the forefront of leadership development, with programs, diagnostics and services specifically designed to build leadership capability within the public sector. The CPM team are dedicated learning and development professionals who work across the entire employee lifecycle, meaning we can support you along every step of your leadership journey.

We pride ourselves on building alignment to frameworks and strategies, which comes from the knowledge of your needs and our own experience. Together, this creates an outcome and results driven learning experience needed to achieve your goals.

Demonstrating authenticity, integrity and professionalism

Our range of leader development approaches include: