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Executive Coaching

Executive CoachingExecutive coaching is a collaborative relationship between a coach and a coaching client. The intention of coaching is to provide coaching clients with the opportunity and support to identify and fulfil their potential in life and at work. An executive coach works with an individual client, one-on-one, to help them achieve personal and professional goals.

Coaching differs from other developmental processes, such as training or studying, in that the coach works with the individual client to assist them to address whatever area they wish. In this sense the coaching process is directly tailored to the individual’s needs and is thus much more targeted than other forms of development.

We have a number of experienced Executive Coaches who specialise in management and leadership development, all with extensive public sector experience, reflecting our belief that knowledge of the APS environment is central to the provision of relevant and practical coaching support.

Coaching can be effective in delivering on a range of organisational and professional objectives. Some examples of where coaching is used are:

  • Career coaching can assist individuals navigate a career path taking into consideration both personal and professional priorities and aspirations;
  • High potential coaching can guide high-performing employees to ensure targeted development in key areas as their career progresses;
  • Leadership and management development can introduce managers to contemporary leadership theories to assist in achieving the most from their teams;
  • Interpersonal communication can address specific areas of development such as performance conversations, public speaking, communications styles etc;
  • Performance coaching can address specific areas that have been identified either by individuals or their managers as barriers to their effectiveness at work;
  • Strategic thinking and planning coaching can foster creative thinking and provide structures for decision-making that are simple yet effective in managing complex problems;
  • Group or team coaching can assist in creating effective teams and foster shared goals and communication across established or new groups and teams.

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