Where individuals develop their knowledge of financial theory and practices and managers with little financial experience build the skills and confidence to interpret, discuss, and report on economics.

The Faculty of Finance offers a suite of Short Courses, Vocational Qualifications, and Higher Education programs that are designed to provide the precise training every manager needs, empowering them to make correct financial decisions based on provably accurate data.

Beginning with financial fundamentals, such as differentiating between profit and revenue, through to the specific practice of organising budgets, managing resources, and forecasting risks, these programs will provide you the cognitive skills needed to operate with fiscal responsibility as you advance through the management ranks.

39% of CFOs in Australia find it challenging to find qualified candidates with expertise in financial reporting

4% of Australian leaders believe they are specifically skilled in financial management

82% of small business failures are due to poor cash flow management or poor understanding of cash flow

$119,685 is the average salary for a Finance Manager

Who should attend AIM's Finance courses?

wanting to start a career in the finance function


who need to understand how to correctly interpret and report on their finances


seeking to refresh their knowledge of the fundamentals of their work


who must engage in meaningful discussions around budgets and resource allocation


Faculty of Finance - Craig Gowan

Craig Gowan

Craig is a highly experienced consultant who has worked with numerous high profile organisations and has facilitated at many renowned universities and higher education institutions. He specialises in managerial finance and develops capability from frontline managers to senior executives and board members. He also works with management teams to develop their people in areas of strategic thinking, risk management, project management, and business case creation. Craig has experience in the private, government, and community sectors and will tailor his approach to suit your organisation and its needs.

Faculty of Finance - Jay Chander

Jay Chander

Jay Chander is a commercially focused Fellow CA with the Institute of Chartered Accountants, business consultant, advisor, executive trainer and author, with extensive executive-level experience and several years of achievement in financial and risk management, business transformation, profitability improvement, and more. He provides a range of seamless strategic risk, internal audit, and business consulting services to businesses and government agencies in Australia and overseas and is highly regarded by his clients and peers alike for his pragmatic and commercially driven approach.

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