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Education and upskilling is a traditionally drawn out process, as managers either look for a suite of shorter learning development programs or invest in larger higher education degrees that take years to attain. Both options provide results, but AIM is pleased to introduce an option that blends the two: the Mini MBA. providing participants with learning outcomes aligned to key MBA outcomes, yet delivered in a practical and efficient setting.

Built from core MBA courses, the CPD-accredited Mini MBA takes participants on a targeted 5-day journey of education and upskilling across the core business functions of leadership, strategy, customers, and numbers. You will be provided with learning outcomes aligned to key MBA outcomes, yet delivered in a practical and efficient setting. Not just academic, the Mini MBA is bolstered by elements of AIM Short Courses to allow you to immediately apply your learning and new skills to your current role.

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Specialist Mini MBAs

Having captured the essential knowledge of the core Mini MBA, you will unlock access to any two short courses from the Faculty of your choice. Supplemented by precise functional training in the area you wish to excel, you will be instilled with the confidence to thrive in your workplace, now and into the future.

Mini MBA in Emerging Technology

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is ushering in a period of unprecedented global transformation that is dramatically impacting the way we work, live, and learn. The result is an economy that is quickly being defined by the digital. For organisations to maintain relevancy and growth in the increasingly digital economy, they need leaders who can lead the frequent and rapid integration of new technologies into their operations.

To meet this need, AIM has developed a unique Mini MBA in Emerging Technology. Delivered online across six modules, this course provides an in-depth exploration of the latest advances in automation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security, and other new-to-world economic drivers. It also discusses the role of leadership, examining how modern approaches and frameworks to leadership best enable high performance in the digital economy.

The Mini MBA in Emerging Technology is designed precisely for those looking ahead to the future. Participate in this course to become an empowered, proactive, and knowledgeable leader who can guide your organisation to sustainable success in the Digital Age.

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Looking for our fully accredited MBA?

If you are interested in attaining a Masters of Business Administration, the AIM Business School MBA+ is fully accredited to strict government standards. A highly flexible degree, the MBA+ also gives you five years of unmatched exclusive benefits to support your success long after you graduate.

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