Where professionals and business owners discover how to integrate emerging technology into their operations, adapt to increasingly remote workplaces, and automate functions for greater efficiency and efficacy.

In today’s digital economy, current skillsets are quickly becoming obsolete. The largest driver of this is technological innovation: new-to-world technologies require entirely novel skillsets to utilise their full potential, and their introduction will inevitably phase out older, now redundant skills from organisational operations.

To help you stay relevant in this dynamic time, the Faculty of Technology offers a range of training programs that explore the use of specific new technologies and teach you to identify what technologies have the most value for your organisation and how to implement them effectively.

91% of organisational leaders don’t feel their senior staff possess the required skills to transition successfully into the digital economy

68% of business leaders believe the future will involve people and AI working collaboratively

15% of all customer service interactions will be handled solely by AI by 2021

30% of constituent activities could be automated in the majority of organisations

Who should attend AIM's Technology courses?

who want to better utilise the latest digital technologies


with a responsibility for organisational innovation and optimisation


who lead technological integration projects for their organisation


looking to expand their technical skillset and knowledge base


Faculty of Technology - DanThy Nguyen

DanThy Nguyen

DanThy has over 20 years' learning and organisational development experience across various industries. The projects she has worked on include implementing new systems and processes in Banking, Financial Services, Software Solutions, Land Development, Technology, and Telecommunications. She also provides virtual facilitation of the AIM Short Course, Introduction to Emerging Technology. DanThy is also a qualified coach with proven consulting skills, helping businesses explore learning solutions relevant to their development needs and achieve strategic learning objectives.

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