Our unrivalled breadth and depth of short course options means you and your team can get the skills you need, when you need them.

Leveraging 75 years of experience and expertise in management and leadership education, we’ve developed a market-leading suite of more than 80 short courses that we offer year-round, right across Australia. With a broad range of subject areas including; Leadership & Management, Project Management, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Professional Development, we’ve got you covered for the skills and knowledge you need to drive career and business success. With a dedicated focus on the real-world, learning emphasis in our short courses is placed on contemporary, interactive case studies that are immediately applicable to your workplace to ensure you receive immediate value.

Learn from the experts in locations right around Australia. Search our range of On-Campus Short Courses by location, subject area or alphabetically to find the right course near you.

Get the professional development you need, when you need it through AIM's online study portal. Search our range of non-accredited, no assessment Online Short Courses to find the right course for your career.

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