Where salespeople and representatives develop their ability to successfully diagnose the specific needs of their client and communicate how their product or service is the ideal solution to satisfy these needs.

Advances in digital technology and the increased accessibility of information have dramatically changed the buying journey over the last 10 years. Buyers are more informed, with a wealth of information constantly at their fingertips, and are only engaging salespeople much later in the decision-making process. However, with vastly more information comes greater choice and decision complexity, which creates precise opportunities for clever salespeople.

The Faculty of Sales, in partnership with RAIN Group, will enable you with the technical skills to take advantage of these opportunities, as well as an articulation pathway for becoming a sales leader.

80% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services

32% of consumers say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience

57% of the purchase decision is now complete before a customer even calls a supplier

Sales leadership is one of the top 10 most in-demand technical skills

Who should attend AIM's Sales courses?

 that need to ensure business objectives are successfully met


who want to expand their skills to better negotiate and win sales


who wish to better coach and mentor the members of their team


seeking a wholistic understanding of the sales funnel to best support sales goals


Faculty of Sales - RAIN Group

RAIN Group

Headquartered in Boston and with international offices London, Seoul, and Sydney to name just a few, RAIN Group is the industry-leading sales training company trusted around the globe. They have an acute understanding of the key challenges faced by business leaders in driving revenue growth and meeting the expectations of multiple stakeholders. RAIN Group has been named to both Selling Power and Training Industries' Top 20 Sales Training Companies for consecutive years.

Faculty of Sales - Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison

Paul has been a powerful and highly acclaimed speaker and trainer of Leaders, Sales executives, Managers, and Sales teams for more than 15 years. Paul has trained thousands of clients in more than 8 different countries across 5 different languages with a unique and engaging approach to training that has put him into high demand by organisations looking for cutting-edge Sales, communication, and persuasion strategies used in the corporate world.

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