Where marketers and managers come to upskill and maintain their relevancy in a function that has been fundamentally transformed by the technological advances of the Digital Revolution.

Email, SEO, social media, paid ads, automation, and programmatic marketing are all embedded in the digital space. With such a tangible link to business success, the growing importance of digital makes it a critical knowledge set for marketers and non-marketers alike.

The Faculty of Digital Marketing, supported by partnerships with Indago Digital and the Social Media College, offers training programs at the Short Course, Vocational Qualification, and Higher Education level. These courses provide you the skills to ensure the content marketing engine is ever-churning to create as many likes, shares, and downloads as the lead funnel can handle.

59% of marketing executives rate digital as the most important skillset, above any other area of the marketing function

49% of organisations do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.

87% of total marketing budgets will be allocated to digital by 2022

54% of marketing practitioners have not studied a marketing-related academic or professional qualification of any kind

Who should attend AIM's Digital Marketing courses?

wanting to start a career in the digital marketing industry


who are keen to work in the digital marketing industry in the future


who want to expand their digital skills to achieve business objectives


who only specialise in one area of digital and want to expand their skill set


Faculty of Digital Marketing - DTA

The Digital Technology Academy has created the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing to equip people with the most in demand skills today. Our innovative qualifications are nationally accredited and are unique to vocational education.

Faculty of Digital Marketing - Indago Digital

Indago is a Sydney-based digital marketing agency that specialises in running acquisition campaigns through the channels that drive low cost conversions. SEO and SEM are at the heart of what they do but are also experts in Display, Mobile and Social Media. Indago Digital are Bing certified and a Google Premier Partner.

Faculty of Digital Marketing - Social Media College

Since 2014, Social Media College has delivered a wide variety of market-leading short courses, including face-to-face workshops and online self-paced options as well as the Diploma of Social Media Marketing, the first nationally recognised qualification governed by the Australian Government’s ASQA.

Popular Faculty of Communication Courses

On-Campus Training

Virtual and Online Training

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Faculty of Digital Marketing Vocational Qualifications

Postgraduate Single Units and Higher Education

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