Where professionals gain the training to communicate clearly, concisely, and convincingly, ensuring the success of any and all workplace actions that involve communication of some kind.

We all need to communicate ideas in the workplace, no matter our role or what stage we’re at in our career. The further we advance, the bigger the ideas we need to synthesise and present to our colleagues, customers, and chief executives.

The Faculty of Communication offers a market-leading suite of Short Courses, Vocational Qualifications, and Higher Education programs that are expertly designed to help you master every kind of communication, from business reports to formal presentations and even your daily emails and meetings, by learning the professional strategies you need to inspire change and drive action.

76% of Australian businesses rate Communication as the most crucial skill for their company

70% of Australian jobs require employees with developed verbal communication skills

There is a 45% gap between the availability and demand for communication skills within the Australian employment marketplace

Approximately $420,000 is lost by companies with less than 100 employees every year due to miscommunication

Who should attend AIM's Communication courses?

 wanting to communicate appropriately and professionally in the workplace


who need to mediate conflict and make sure the members of their team are aligned on their shared goals


that need to effectively and respectfully collaborate with other functions of their organisation


who must represent their organisation in a positive light to consumers and external stakeholders


Faculty of Communication - Zoran Atlagic

Zoran Atlagic

Zoran is a skilled leadership coach and workshop facilitator whose personal approach results in strong engagement with his course participants. His expertise across many disciplines, including general management, operations management, project management, customer experience, product and project management, enables Zoran to demonstrate proven communication skills in any function or role. Zoran has improved the effectiveness of leaders across diverse local and international locations and industries, positively impacting performance and how well professionals work with each other.

Faculty of Communication - Andy Eklund

Andy Eklund

Andy has worked in communications for nearly 30 years and has over 35,000 hours conducting training workshops. He’s held notable roles at MasterCard International, Burson-Marsteller (now BCW), and Weber Shandwick, as well as managed communications programs for his own clients, including ANZ Bank, Western Union, AIG, Citibank, BHP, Munich Re, Australian Unity, and Dell. In addition to his background in communications, other areas of expertise include strategic planning, design thinking, continuous improvement, creativity, change management and negotiation skills.

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