Leadership Development Programs

Our manager and leader development programs immerse participants in personal development, encouraging self-reflection and self-awareness to build personal and professional identities. Our programs are learner centred, experiential and designed to prepare participants for the workplace of tomorrow while establishing new leadership behaviours that contribute to public sector leadership frameworks.

We provide an open, engaging learning environment that encourages self-reflection, stimulates social learning and inspires self-directed learning beyond the program, using a mix of theory and practical learning, diagnostics, 360° feedback, role-plays and experiential learning activities all designed to tie back to workplace reality.

Applying Strategic Thinking

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The challenge is to gain the ability to move from the specifics of day-to-day operational service delivery to the much bigger picture overview required in the strategic dimension of our work.

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Building New Leadership

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Building New Leadership: performing at the executive level is a three-day program for recently promoted or acting Public Sector Managers.

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Building Resilience For You And Your Team

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Drawing on insights from neuroscience and other research, this 2 day workshop session provides the latest thinking about how current and future leaders can build their emotional intelligence to create highly engaged, creative and resilient teams.

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From Manager To Leader

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The rapidly changing demands on public service managers requires you to not only know how to lead and to demonstrate leadership behaviours, but also to “be” a congruent and values-driven leader.

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Leading Negotiations

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Whether negotiating simple work-based situations or multi-disciplinary negotiations with external stakeholders, this workshop will provide you with practical skills and techniques to effectively influence positive outcomes.

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Leading With Strategic Intelligence

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Leading with Strategic Intelligence: mastering strategic thinking and action' is a 3 day program designed for executive levels 1 & 2 (and equivalents).

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Leading With Mastery And Insight

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Leading with Mastery and Insight: building your emotional and social intelligence for leadership' is a three-day program designed for experienced EL1 & EL2 leaders (and equivalents).

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People Matters

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People Matters is a behavioural change development program for current and aspiring team leaders to build the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively manage people in the workplace.

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Teams And Leadership

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This two-day program is designed the build the capacity and confidence of APS 5-6 and emerging leaders to lead themselves and other people effectively, and manage ongoing team development.

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