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New Courses and Qualifications from AIM

Friday, June 24, 2022

AIM is pleased to announce the launch of three new Short Courses and two specialised Vocational Qualifications.

Two new Vocational Qualification specialisations

AIM's existing Diploma of Business qualification is designed to empower you with a strong and broad foundation for your business career, teaching you how to manage change, individual productivity, and team effectiveness. But today's diverse and dynamic business environment often makes so certain careers require a more precise skillset, which is why we are excited to offer two new specialisations in Leadership and Operations.

B2B50120 Diploma of Business (Leadership) will equip you for a career in management by enhancing your understanding of employee and industrial relations while developing your emotional intelligence, your ability to facilitate performance development in others, and your knowledge of diversity and inclusion practices.

B2B50120 Diploma of Business (Operations) covers essential knowledge areas of Australian business. Emphasising real world business practice, it will equip you with skills across resource management, sustainability, leadership, and communication, while also improving your ability to manage essential operations.

Three new Short Courses

Mate to Manager explores the challenges and opportunities you will face as you navigate the transition from contributing team member to team leader. With a focus on changing perspectives and adapting to your new role, you will explore strategies for crafting new relationships with your team, your peers, and your superiors. Learn key skills for effectively managing yourself while successfully engaging with your team, recognising the importance of building self-awareness as you establish yourself in your new position.

Presenting with Impact from AIM's Faculty of Communications provides you with the essential skills you need to create and deliver effective presentations, learning how to define your purpose, finesse your message, and tailor it to the needs of your audience. With a focus on proven delivery techniques and opportunities to practice your skills, you will gain the confidence to deliver presentations that leave a lasting impression.

Strategy on a Page provides the practical tools and frameworks necessary to successfully plan and deliver strategic outcomes. From aligning around the vision to measuring execution, learn how to create realistic yet ambitious plans on a page that support organisational outcomes.

AIM's Vocational Qualifications are 100% online while all three courses are presently being offered at our five campuses across Australia: SydneyMelbourneBrisbaneCaberra, and Adelaide and through a virtual delivery mode.

Read more about AIM's Faculty of Leadership and Strategy and Faculty of Communication.