Jo McAlpine

Jo has partnered with many organisations over the last 14 years as a facilitator, coach and mentor. Jo combines her business experience and coaching with the concepts and application of positive psychology, transformational learning and authentic workplace practices. She specialises in developing leadership brand, values and mindset as well as creating high performance teams and realising the full potential of an organisation's people.

Unit convenor for Leading, Managing and Developing People
Academic Qualifications: MEd, MAppSc

Kathy Wooller

Meet Kathy Wooller a recent AIM graduate. With years of work experience, Kathy wanted to underpin her work experience with a qualification. AIM enabled Kathy to expand her skillset and network with other industry professionals. Here’s her story:

Joanna Aarnoutovic

Meet Joanna Aarnautovic a recent AIM graduate. Having undertaken a university degree, Joanna was looking to gain greater specialist skills to enable faster career progression and workplace relevant training. Through her AIM course Joanna obtained the practical skills she needed to progress in her role. AIM’s flexible study and personalised support ensured she felt confident in completing her studies. Here’s her story:

Roslyn Atkinson, Management Graduate

"The facilitators are so knowledgeable. That’s why I would recommend AIM.”


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