For 75 years AIM has been helping people become managers and managers become leaders.

Great managers and leaders make decisions every day that affect people’s lives. With the right training, network and focus, these decisions can have a positive impact.

Put simply, the better the leader, the better the decision. The better the decision, the wider the effect.
AIM is Australia’s largest membership organisation for managers and leaders. Every year at AIM, 25,000 professionals take part in over 80 training programs and study towards any one of 24 management qualifications in 11 locations right around Australia. AIM has provided training to at least half a million people in its 75 year history and is a trusted training partner to over half the companies on the ASX200.

Whether you’re starting out on your career, an established manager, or a professional looking to develop a team, AIM is your reliable partner in professional development from start to finish.


The AIM Group is governed by a Board of Directors.

View the Australian Institute of Management (Group) Constitution.


The Australian Institute of Management is a member of the Asian Association of Management Organisations (AAMO). For more information about AAMO and its members please visit

AIM Manifesto

To the managers and leaders of today and tomorrow.
You are the drivers of change.
You have the power to change the world, for better or for worse.
Be big. Be bold. Be brave.
Don’t stand still.
Don’t blend in.
Don’t be a passenger.
Love what you do.
Serve the greater good.
Make the world a better place.
Improve the lives of the people around you and people around the world.
Your decisions and actions have far-reaching consequences.
Therefore, be of the highest integrity.
Be true, be authentic, be genuine.
Be a lifelong learner. Continually seek knowledge to succeed.
Inspire yourself and those around you.
Pursue big dreams, realise big ideas.
Aim to be the best you can possibly be.