Introducing AIM Partner Pricing

Beyond offering training at scale and an extremely competitive price, AIM Partners understand the immense impact of engagement and retention on the success of their organisation. Support and encourage your staff by providing them with training that aligns to their function, skillset, goals, and preferred learning method.

Choose to partner with AIM by pre-purchasing Short Course or Qualification training bundles and you will be able to engage and evolve the abilities of your staff at an impressive and unparalleled scale. These bundles already reduce the cost of training by more than half, as compared to buying individual seats, and they are currently discounted by an additional 20%.

With training bundles available to support 3-100 staff members, AIM Partnerships ensure there is a highly impactful and affordable training option for everyone.

Show your employees support, encourage their development,
and enable the growth of your organisation.

Efficient and valuable

Only 15% of employees are engaged in their workplace.1

Highly accessible

Engaged employees outperform their disengaged peers. Overall, companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable. 1

Interactive and guided

In 2020 the top drivers of employee engagement in Australia include the opportunity for learning and development, and managers who help employees with career development.2

1 Gallup, 2017.
2 2020 employee experience trends, Qualtrics.

Training Options


75 Courses | 11 Subject Areas

Develop your EQ and discover your full capabilities as a leader. By optimising how you engage, motivate, and lead your staff, you are best positioned to add substantial and impactful value to your organisation.

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23 Courses | 6 Subject Areas

Our unrivalled breadth and depth of face-to-face short courses provides study options across all key business functions and skillsets. These courses are delivered by leading facilitators at our modern campuses located across Australia.

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17 Courses | 8 Subject Areas

AIM’s virtual learning series provides all the benefits of classroom workshops — working with peers, asking questions with immediate answers from facilitators, and stimulating deeper discussions — with the flexibility of online learning.

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AIM’s 5 DAY Mini MBA

Leadership | Strategy | Customers | Numbers

Every Partner Pricing gives you seats in AIM’s Mini MBA program. This 5-day course was developed based on the key learning outcomes of our leading MBA and is delivered in a highly engaging and practical format. The first of its kind in Australia, the Mini MBA has the highest rating of any AIM course.

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Work with your dedicated AIM Advisor to identify the needs of your organisation and map them to AIM’s portfolio of leading Open Programs.

AIM Faculty of Communication
22 Programs

Where professionals gain the training to communicate clearly, concisely, and convincingly, ensuring the success of any and all workplace actions that involve communication of some kind.

AIM Faculty of Digital Marketing
11 Programs

Where marketers and managers come to upskill and maintain their relevancy in a function that has been fundamentally transformed by the technological advances of the Digital Revolution.

AIM Faculty of Finance
12 Programs

Where individuals develop their knowledge of financial theory and practices and managers with little financial experience build the skills and confidence to interpret, discuss, and report on economics.

AIM Faculty of Health and Effectiveness
11 Programs

Where workers of all functions, industries, and seniority levels come to improve their self-management and resiliency, which complements their existing technical ability for sustainable career success.

AIM Faculty of Human Resources
18 Programs

Where managers and HR professionals, recognising that staff is the element of an organisation with the greatest potential for determining success, develop skills, deepen knowledge, and build their expertise.

AIM Faculty of Leadership and Strategy
42 Programs

Where aspiring and existing managers who recognise the complex, demanding nature of leadership acquire and develop skills, build their expertise, and become Australia’s undisputed leaders of the future.

AIM Faculty of Project Management
13 Programs

Where project leaders and team members learn how to effectively and efficiently manage projects from concept to completion and integrate project frameworks into the operations of their organisation.

AIM Public Sector
12 Programs

AIM Public Sector, which is supported by our dedicated public sector leadership and development group, the Centre for Public Management, is where Australians come to learn the unique intricacies of working in the public sector.

AIM Faculty of Sales
11 Programs

Where salespeople and representatives develop their ability to successfully diagnose the specific needs of their client and communicate how their product or service is the ideal solution to satisfy these needs.

AIM Faculty of Technology
5 Programs

Where professionals and business owners discover how to integrate emerging technology into their operations, adapt to increasingly remote workplaces, and automate functions for greater efficiency and efficacy.

AIM Faculty of Training
9 Programs

Where staff leaders and managers gain the tools and techniques to create effective training programs and promote a culture that values and enables development at all levels.