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In the corporate epic of today, leaders are the heroes. They take people to new places and levels of performance they couldn't have reached on their own, while they're also the instigators and executors of change.

As such, good leadership is a valuable asset in pretty much every commercial sphere. So it's not surprising that leadership training and studies have tended to focus solely on the attributes of an effective leader.

Do you know why people follow the leader?

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Your hands are sweaty, the boardroom is silent and you could cut the tension in the room with a butter knife. Did you just commit career suicide by pitching this idea? Seconds pass although it feels like an eternity. Suddenly, you see it begin, first with a slight nod from the CEO and then like a Mexican wave, nods of agreement flow across the room.

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By Dermot Crowley

All leaders want their organisation to be productive, and to manage the use of resources as effectively as possible. But many do not realise that in today’s busy email and meeting driven workplace, they could be a part of the problem.

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We all know the scenario: You apply for a job that fits your project management training. The company loves your C.V., you nail the interview and meet with the directors - who think you're perfect. Yet, why have you not received a confirmation email in the last three to five days?

Well, you remember that questionnaire you filled out? It was a personality test and while you ticked all the other boxes, the results of this showed that you were not a 'good fit' for the corporate culture. 

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The Earth is roughly 4.5 billion years old, that's eight zeros -  a figure that is pretty difficult for humans to grasp. For someone who is expected to live less than 100 years, it's next to impossible to imagine something as vast as this.

In response, Geologists and other scientists came up with the concept of 'deep-time' in an effort to imagine the profoundly different time scale involved in geological and evolutionary processes.

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By Brad Howarth

In 2010, sales of recorded music in physical formats earned $431 million in retail sales in Australia. But fast-forward to 2015 and those sales have plummeted to just $205 million. These figures, from the report Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook 2015-2019 by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), illustrate a story very familiar to anyone in the media, entertainment and publishing industries.

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By Patrick Hollingworth

Undeniably, the business landscape has become considerably more uncertain and more complex in recent times, making the role of organisational leadership even more difficult than before.

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By Kate Neser, Centre for Public Management

There are several models that can be used in effective coaching.  These vary depending upon the objectives of the coaching, the thinking or learning style of the coachee and the preferences of the coach.  But central to all coaching approaches is the use of questions to guide a coachee to consider a range of issues associated with achieving their objectives.