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October 01, 2007

A board with an eye on the governance ball might have prevented the $300 million scandal that engulfed the AWB, Australia's monopoly wheat marketing company. By Derek Parker

September 01, 2007

As business undergoes rapid transformation in the global era, organisational culture is more than ever the key to long-term success. By Cameron Cooper

For Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, memories of her childhood are a far cry from the usual ice-creams, soft drinks, playing and games after school.
Her father Ned, a celebrated physicist, would often hook up electrodes to Ann’s head for an electroencephalograph, or EEG, to measure her brainwaves as part of his research.

September 01, 2007

Ben Buckley’s sport and management pedigree has him well placed to lead the round ball code into the future. By Jennifer Alexander

September 01, 2007

Australian organisations are discovering the benefits of engaging with communities. Tony Malkovic looks at the management of successful partnerships.

When Deslin Foster drove through hot and muggy conditions to a remote Aboriginal community in north Queensland to help local school children with a financial literacy program, it turned out to be a real eye-opener for her.

September 01, 2007

Keeping your workforce engaged and fulfilled is about people skills and implementing innovative plans to develop business wellbeing. By Jocelyn Biddle

It goes without saying that with jobless rates at around 4.2 per cent, employers must increasingly foster strategies aimed at retaining staff. Based on simple supply and demand principles, employees currently find themselves in the driver’s seat. This has left employers needing to implement lasting, viable strategies aimed at attracting and keeping staff.

August 01, 2007

Networking is all about branching out and connecting with other people to establish genuine relationships. By Deborah Tarrant

The woman in the pink jacket still stands out in the mind of Robyn Henderson. At a networking function some years ago, Henderson introduced herself to this woman and finished her usual friendly meet-and-greet patter with a pleasant aside. Coincidentally, she had noticed they’d be sitting at the same table for dinner.

August 01, 2007

Ann Sherry was the first woman to become CEO of banks in both Australia and New Zealand. She talks with Jennifer Alexander about what she looks for in managers, networking and leadership.

August 01, 2007

There is evidence that a great deal of performance problems in the workplace stem from conflict rather than poor employee skills or low motivation. By Rho Sandberg

Recent research suggests that between 30–50 per cent of a typical manager’s time is spent managing workplace conflict, and that senior human resources (HR) executives spend up to 20 per cent of their time in litigation activities.

August 01, 2007

Career malaise and a lack of enthusiasm are a big concern for both the individual and the organisation they work for. But there is inspiration to be found from those who have worked through the same challenges. By Jennifer Alexander

July 01, 2007

Experience, mentoring and problem solving are only some of the benefits that Australian employers gain from wooing the mature-age worker. By Deborah Tarrant

Seeing is believing. When Sandra Edwards, Human Resources Manager for sheet metal manufacturer Form 2000 joined the company in the late 1990s, its eight employees were in their 20s. Younger staff were perceived to be better, she says, until perchance they hired a casual, a retiree in his late 50s.