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September 01, 2005

Perhaps the oddest aspect of employee disengagement is that it can start at the very beginning, with the recruitment process and actual engagement, and grow insidiously from there. Deborah Tarrant reports.

Employee disengagement is triggered by something as simple as an organisation's culture being misrepresented in a job interview, or an inadequate job description. The wrong person is hired for the job - square peg, round hole - and there's a disconnect before the new recruit puts a coffee mug on the desk and greets co-workers.

August 01, 2005

Managing the local division of a world brand is not always easy. Steve Vamos, Microsoft Australia 's Managing Director explains to Lauren Thomsen-Moore why the repositioning of the local culture was so important.

When Steve Vamos became Managing Director of Microsoft Australia in February 2003 his main brief was to improve the company's focus on customer and partner satisfaction.

August 01, 2005

The philosophy of not-for-profit organisations seems to resonate with younger workers and managers. It may be about doing good work or it may be the growing 'not for the profit of shareholders' approach.

Lesley Parker reports.

Many not-for-profit managers will quietly admit to having a self-esteem problem. They are the 'poor cousins' - sometimes figuratively, but often literally - of their corporate sector peers.