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Talent Management

Talent ManagementFor AIM Public Sector, talent management is a holistic process. Talent identification, development and management cannot occur in isolation from an organisation’s leadership development, succession planning processes, strategic business imperatives and organisational culture. 

We build our talent programs around the APS Management Principles of talent management being owned and led by leaders who are actively engaged in the process; the identification of talent is based on valid and objective assessment; and talent management is systematic and dynamic.

Assessment Centres

CPM has the experience and capacity to run Diagnostic and Development Centre’s (DDCs) for Departments and Agencies looking to stretch the development of their high potential employees.

DDCs provide a simulated environment in which participants can be observed and provided with feedback on the approaches and behaviours that are supporting (or detracting from) their leadership performance. This set-up allows participants to ‘try out’ the approach they would take in a more senior role with little to no risk, which supports learning and encourages them to go beyond their comfort zone.

Participants receive real-time feedback immediately after most activities from a team of trained observers, in addition to the 90-minute 1:1 feedback coaching session with a CPM consultant on Day 3 of the DDC.

Scenarios are developed with some input from our clients, namely around strategic or organisational objectives they may wish to achieve, and post-DDC, participants are encouraged to discuss and debrief the experience with colleagues, managers, team members, mentor(s) and social support network about what they learned from the experience.

High-Potential Development

A critical phase of talent identification and management, is the use of an open and transparent identification process ensuring the right people receive the right development at the right time.

Using our own 360 feedback profiles and a selection of cognitive ability tests, our experience talent management consultants can analyse and assess results to determine where personal and professional development is needed for each participant.

Our team will then work with participants and their organisations to develop learning journeys best suited to both individual and organisational outcomes.