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2010 Gladstone Managers of the Year


Professional Manager of the Year

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Benjamin Hayden - Manager Technical Services, NRG Gladstone Operating Services Pty Ltd


  • Philip Clynes - Media Advertising Manager, Gladstone Newspaper Company Pty Ltd
  • Trish Etherton - Owner Manager, Tannum Fitness Centre
  • Adrian Hindley - Managing Director, Phoenix Diesel Maintenance Pty Ltd
  • Graeme Kanofski - Chief Executive Officer, Gladstone Regional Council
  • Stephen Spencer - Branch Manager – Gladstone, NQX Freight System
  • John Wessling - Branch Manager, Calliope and District Community Bank

Young Manager of the Year

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Dan Carney - Director and Consultant, Grassroots Grazing


  • Shelly Anne-Maee Hills - Property Investment Manager, LJ Hooker Gladstone
  • Carli Hobbs - Marketing and Promotion Manager, Prime Radio

Gladstone Team Leader/Supervisor of the Year


Melissa Daniels - Head of Special Education Services, Gladstone State High School


  • Allison Hutton AIMM - Superintendent Safety Systems, NRG Gladstone Operating Services
  • Samantha Murray - Administration Assistant, Liberty Business Solutions