Attracting Head-hunters

Monday, August 12, 2013 - 08:02

By Leon Gettler

Everyone would love to be headhunted. But how do you get noticed in such a crowded market?

The most obvious way these days is to build a strong digital brand. People wanting to attract recruitment firms need a strong profile in the digital world. After all, head hunters these days are always combing through Google, LinkedIn and blogs. Recruiters say people should also constantly update their LinkedIn profiles and make sure their profile contains crucial key words because head hunters constantly search LinkedIn and Google using keywords for the skill-set they have in mind. Also, people should try to get lots of recommendations on their LinkedIn profiles from colleagues. And they have to create blogs and write white papers and even books. They also have to get active on Twitter and automatically link their Twitter account to LinkedIn so that they get double coverage. The other important thing they have to do is make sure they are easily found on Google. And finally, they should edit their Facebook privacy settings to ensure recruiters don’t see a side of them that they rather they hadn’t.

The Monster site says anyone wanting to be noticed by head hunters has to become like a big fish in a small pond. The higher your profile, the more they will want you. That means doing things like posting the CV on job websites, networking furiously, joining a business association or chamber, making yourself an expert on a particular topic by, for example, writing a regular blog on it or white papers. And finally, you have to make sure you do your job well and become a standout.

Mark Tutton at CNN says people need to identify good recruiters working in their field. That can be done easily with a Web search. After that, he recommends people email them an introduction and following up with a phone call. If you have written on a theme relevant to their area, let them know so they can put it on their data base. He also recommends getting mentored and making yourself visible at events.

Executive search firm TH Bender says people should list their bio on their company’s web site. It is a great way to get noticed by search firms which routinely browse websites to locate candidates. If your company does not provide this opportunity, get a private website with a short biography. That can be done inexpensively. They also recommend networking in peripheral industries. After all, many skills are portable between related industries. And they say you should be on the lookout for options to network within your own company. Good reputations spread widely and can lead to opportunities in associated companies or overseas subsidiaries. Also, consider raising your media profile. Many trade magazines and websites rely on input from trade practitioners and will gladly publish well-written articles relevant to the target group. Develop relationships with editors and PR agencies so they can come to you if they need a quote.