How do you develop great business leaders?

Monday, January 16, 2017 - 11:47

By AIM Education & Training

It's not always easy to develop the star employees of today into the business leaders of tomorrow. The truth is that performing well at work and leading other performers are two completely different skills. Even if someone is a great worker, there's no guarantee they'll be able to inspire others to become the same.

Therefore, savvy employers know to have an infrastructure specifically focused on leadership development, distinct from the development of other employee skills. Forget the clichés about being a "born leader" - in the real world, leadership is developed over time through detail-oriented learning and hard work.

When your high-performing workers begin to take project management courses and learn about what it takes to be true leaders, they might be in for a rude awakening. Why? Because as they'll soon discover, there's a wide variety of skills they'll need to learn.

One of the key traits needed for any management role is the ability to communicate effectively. Good managers don't just act unilaterally - they have constructive dialogues with both those above and below them on the hierarchy and act accordingly. Additionally, managers must be well-versed in teamwork and problem-solving. When adversity comes their way, they must be able to collaborate with their team members and find solutions together.

One of the first things an employee will learn from the training programs is that management isn't just about themselves. Yes, they will need to develop their individual skills and character, but really, being a manager is about getting entire teams of employees passionate about working together.

Management training is about developing a culture of learning that permeates your entire organisation. This means everyone should be intent on helping each other develop. It also means there's accountability there - if anyone isn't fulfilling their role as promised, they need to be pushed.

Teaching the employees of today to be the leaders of tomorrow is no easy task. That's why AIM is are here to offer some expert guidance. We have 75 years of experience finding customised solutions for all kinds of businesses.

We follow a simple three-step process - discuss, design and deliver. We discuss the challenges your organisation is facing, design solutions to overcome them and then deliver the training and development your people need. Talk to us today about how we can begin that process.