How the AIM Business School creates in-demand leaders

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 12:00
AIM Blog - How the AIM Business School creates in-demand leaders

Deciding on a postgraduate business qualification is not an easy task. How do you know the program you choose will provide you with the career benefits you’re seeking? After all, any worthwhile postgraduate program will be a significant investment of time, money and brainpower, so it’s vital that you can be sure you’ll get a return from that investment. You need to be certain that the skills and knowledge you’ll master will be in high demand for many years to come. 

At the AIM Business School, our mission is to develop exceptional managers and leaders. Leveraging 75 years at the forefront of leadership and management training and education, we have an innate understanding of what it means to be exceptional in today’s business world. Our MBA program is the culmination of several decades of collaboration with Australian business leaders to create a postgraduate qualification that provides lasting value for individuals, their organisation and the wider economy.

Focusing on the real world

The way we teach our MBA program is designed to provide immediate benefits to an individual’s career as well as their employer, by assessing the practical application of a student’s learning in their workplace, rather than following the usual approach of assessment by exams. In fact, there are no exams in the AIM Business School MBA program which allows us to focus on the real-world application of learning at every stage of assessment.

Kardinia Health CEO, Cathy McDonald says these assessments designed around the workplace were the highlight of the MBA program for her.

“I was lucky enough to work with our Chairman on strategies to improve our Clinical Governance,” Cathy said. “I had the opportunity to present the project to the Board so it became much more important than just another assignment, and consequently the learning was far more valuable.”

AIM Business School MBA Graduate - Cathy McDonald from AIM on Vimeo.

Networking with the best in the business

The AIM Business School attracts experienced managers from a range of industries around Australia. Throughout the study program, you’ll have the opportunity to hear about the challenges they’ve faced in their careers and the successful strategies they’ve implemented in their own organisations. Whether you’re studying on-campus or online, you’ll get to know your fellow cohort well,  as you learn together and support each other in completing tasks and assessments.

This provides AIM Business School graduates with a significant advantage as they’re able to build on  their professional network while they study.  AIM Business School is widely renowned for encouraging a practical and applied executive education environment, where like-minded managers and leaders are able to study together and enhance each other’s learning journey.

Leveraging experience

The AIM Business School MBA is tailored to experienced professionals as the curriculum is designed to help them unlock their existing career knowledge so they can begin building on these foundations to become truly exceptional managers and leaders. Our entry requirements allow students to be considered for entry based on their level of experience which means our classes are often made up of seasoned managers, allowing students the opportunity to also benefit from the wisdom of their cohort.

Combining real-world assessments with a student cohort of experienced professionals, the AIM Business School MBA program is also taught by faculty with strong academic credentials as lecturers and academics, as well as a wealth of first-hand industry experience. All of these components work in unison to allow our students to build a comprehensive and robust portfolio of management knowledge and leadership skill sets.
Executive General Manager of Sales and Operations at Repco, Wayne Bryant says the MBA program from AIM Business School was terrific as it allowed him to broaden his horizons and gain valuable resources for his leadership toolkit.

“When you’re confronted with challenges or you’re thinking about different strategic options for your business, it’s useful to reflect on the MBA learnings and material to enhance the decision-making framework.”

2 Minutes with AIM Business School MBA Graduate, Wayne Bryant from AIM on Vimeo.