HR Research

Wednesday, December 24, 2014 - 22:23

AIM’s most established research service is the National Salary Survey. Now in its 50th year, this Survey is recognised as one of the most reliable and comprehensive HR planning resources of its type in the Australian Market.

Other AIM Research tools and services include:

AIM Role Evaluation Benchmarking System (REBS): A points-based software tool which enables clients to determine market pay rates for all types of positions, no matter how specialist or unique the job role (does not rely on Survey position matching methodology)

AIM Pay Data Supplement: Uses the REBS methodology to provide market-based rates on around 100 less common job roles (not already covered by the National Salary Survey)

Remuneration Services: We are able undertake role evaluations on behalf of our clients, as well as providing assistance with designing effective/relevant remuneration packages and benefits structures, or with planning for and managing remuneration reviews

Customised remuneration and HR policy and practice Surveys: Can be used to benchmark pay, HR policies & practices across specific (specialist) industry groups (and against industry specific job roles/HR policies)

AIM Gender Pay Differentials Report: Analyses the National Salary Survey database to measure and track differences in male and female (average) earnings

AIM Employee Feedback (Organisational Climate) Survey: A customisable Survey tool that can be used to assess, compare & track levels of employee engagement, or identify opportunities to improve employee and organisational performance (including L & D)

DiSC Profiling Surveys: Assess specific behavioural styles, in order to identify preferred communication, learning & work styles, or to identify an employee’s suitability for a specific job role or work team

AIM 360 Degree Feedback Survey: A customisable Survey tool, which can be used to assess, compare and track employee performance against specific capabilities. It can also help to identify potential L & D needs (designed around the AIM/Octant capability framework, or customised to client specific frameworks)

Australian Management Capabilities Index (AMCI): Measures and establishes a baseline for 10 key measures of Management capability (that can be used to track performance over time). National and International benchmarks are provided (including India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong)

Learning Program Reviews: Customised research, which can employ both quantitative (survey-based) and qualitative approaches, to assess program applicability/effectiveness and identify and assess opportunities for improvement (including time/cost savings).

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