Making time for training in your small business

Monday, August 10, 2015 - 19:21

A growing problem for many small business owners is that they are simply too busy with the day to day work of running their business to engage in training. On top of that, they see most business management courses as irrelevant to them and their unique operation.  After all, their ability to specialise in a particular area is often behind their competitive advantage. It’s unsurprising then that many small business owners have the view that formal training is of little value to them.

What cannot be disputed however is that good management fosters organisational success, whereas less effective people management practices fosters failure and distress. This rule is without exception as it applies to organisations of one employee right through to a million. The level of business performance that any business achieves will always be directly related to the extent that the business owner or manager is able to implement the management practices required to manage people and their contribution to the success of an organisation.

It’s a safe bet that all small business owners want their businesses to be successful and strive towards that goal on a daily basis. The reality is that many small business owners aren’t well enough equipped to deal with the continual and relentless issues that face business today. Indeed many small business owners have only rudimentary managerial competencies when they start their businesses and do not actively seek opportunities to further develop their managerial skills. Unfortunately, too many small business owners suffer from “strategic myopia” either as a result of their workload or the lack of a long term business plan.

Small business owners cannot be held culpable for failing to undertake the training they need to ensure their long term survival as despite the importance of small businesses to the economy, little attention has been given to the effectiveness of training programs for these businesses. Another major factor is that the real price of training is comparatively higher in small firms than large businesses. This is then compounded by the fact that most businesses, but especially small businesses, are time poor which leads to the widespread misconception that small business is too busy to train. When small business owners are confronted with the decision to take time off themselves or release another staff member to train, several issues are often considered including: training relevance, delivery method, small business sector focus, cost, timing, and the training environment. 

The ability to choose flexible study options is inarguably of extremely high value which is why AIM has developed a suite of short course programs and qualifications that can be studied in any one of 12 locations right around Australia or can also be completed online at a time that suits you. Being able to effectively manage every aspect of your business is vital to its ongoing success. It means you can maximise your resources and eliminate the need for over-reliance on suppliers. That’s why our Small Business short courses allow you to focus on the specific skills you want to develop, quickly and efficiently. And what you learn is immediately applicable to your business, so you will see value right away.

Small business is a fundamental driver of the Australian economy, but it sometimes a lonely and isolated existence. At AIM we understand the financial and time pressure of running a business so we are passionate about helping yours to be the best it can be – through offering the latest in professional and personal development opportunities.

For more information on how you can choose a small business training package to suit you and your business please click here for more information.