Organisation Capability Benchmarking

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 19:50

What is Organisation Capability Benchmarking?

Capability Benchmarking offers the rare opportunity to discover how individual proficiencies are contributing to the overall strength of your organisation.  Based on comprehensive research from AIM’s Management Capability Index (AMCI), companies can identify capability gaps and understand how filling them improves their competitive edge.

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Why use Organisation Capability Benchmarking?

Benchmarking allows organisations to compare their performance with some of the best-in-class companies across the country.  By finding examples of superior performance and understanding the process and practices that drive that performance, you can tailor and incorporate what you learn into your own operations.

Leverage the knowledge gathered from over 420 organisations across the country to make decisions for your own business.  By identifying and bridging any capability gaps, you’ll make a direct contribution to your sustainable, competitive advantage.

What is the process?

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

  • Please read through the 2015 AMCI report
  • It is important to know how the AMCI works
  • Contact us on 1300 362 631 or to begin
  • We will send you a survey link and you can select up to 4 senior executives in your organisation to complete the survey
  • Our research team will analyse the information your organisation has provided and create a confidential report that compares your results with the AMCI
  • Click here for a sample report

How much does Organisation Capability Benchmarking cost?

The Organisation Capability Benchmarking costs $495 (incl. GST).  AIM is continually adding value to our Corporate Membership. Along with discounts off our other Management Diagnostic Tools, the Organisation Capability Benchmarking report is free for Corporate Members of AIM

For more information, see the Organisation Capability Benchmarking brochure

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