Organisational Capability Benchmarking

Wednesday, December 24, 2014 - 20:02

In order to compete in today’s highly competitive environment, every business needs to keep focused on current and future organisational capability. The building blocks of highly capable organisations are individual competence – how do the skills, experience, wisdom and abilities of the individuals contribute to the overall strength of the group as a whole? The key questions our clients ask us are:

“How do we know if we have the capabilities we need to future proof our business and how do we compare with other businesses against this set of capabilities?”

AIM’s Organisational Capability Benchmarking process is a highly effective way to answer these questions for your business and for allocating resources to close any gaps identified. The process is based on AIM’s Management and Leadership framework and its annual Australian Management Capability Index.  

Australian Management Capability Index

For the past three years, AIM has produced the Australian Management Capability Index which forms the basis of our benchmarking process. The 2014 AMCI is based on a survey of 420 CEOs and senior executives in small to large organisations across a range of industry sectors. The Index measures capabilities that build high performance and focuses on leadership and management’s ability to execute across ten drivers of management capability:

  1. Visionary and Strategic Leadership
  2. Performance Leadership
  3. People Leadership
  4. Financial Management
  5. Organisation Capability
  6. External Relationships
  7. Application of Technology and Knowledge
  8. Innovation - Products and Services
  9. Integrity and Corporate Governance
  10. Results and Comparative Performance

The Benchmarking Process

An AIM Organisational Competency Benchmark allows you to use the knowledge gathered from 420 organisations across the country to make decisions for your own business. Below is what you can expect as part of the process:

  1. Your AIM consultant will provide you with access to the AMCI 2014 report. This will give you insight into the richness of information gathered from other businesses and what areas other organisations deem important to develop.
  2. You will then be provided with access to the same questionnaire completed by the 420 senior executives surveyed as part of the AMCI. This survey will allow you or an executive within your organisation to think about how it performs against the 10 categories of capabilities.
  3. AIM's research group will analyse the confidential information your organisation has provided and create a report that compares it with the Australian Management Capability Index.
  4. Your AIM consultant will present a report customised for your organisation and explore learning and development programs that will boost management capability. Closing any capability gaps will make a direct contribution to sustainable competitive advantage.

To learn more about the value of benchmarking your organisation with AIM’s Australian Management Capability Index, please call our Consulting Services experts today on 1300 221 997.