Weekly Article Round-up - April, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014 - 09:25

Catch up on a week of management reading with this selection of articles, gathered from AIM’s Twitter at https://twitter.com/aimcomau.

50 Signs You Might be an Entrepreneur (via @entmagazinehttp://bit.ly/1pE5Qky 

Podcast: 4 Difficult Sentences for Leaders (And Why You Must Get Good at Saying Them) (via@michaelhyatthttp://bit.ly/1lvNViE 

6 Tips for Developing Successful Strategic Partnerships (via @globeandmail)http://bit.ly/1iNCcbN 

The Language of Leadership (via @tanveernaseerhttp://bit.ly/1h86jq0 

How to Network Like You Really Mean it (via @inchttp://bit.ly/1i77okf 

Employee Engagement is a Leadership Commitment (via @forbeshttp://onforb.es/1pwKhUW 

How to Build Relationships of Trust (via Andreas von der Heydt) http://linkd.in/1hqjGqb 

How to Succeed When Deadlines and Priorities Constantly Change (via @intuitquickbase)http://bit.ly/1jpSrg5 

The Stoic: 9 Principles to Help You Keep Calm in Chaos (via @99uhttp://bit.ly/1i9txOP 

8 Things to do if You Think You’re in the Wrong Career (via @LewisRHumphries)http://bit.ly/1lk7fN6 

Perspective Under Pressure (via @mgissueshttp://bit.ly/1gjwQRg 

The 3 Indicators that Your Team is Still in Pain (via @leadchangegrouphttp://bit.ly/1gju4eD 

14 Interview Questions to Help You Hire Your Next Innovator (via @stratandbiz)http://bit.ly/1mGWjw9 

5 Secrets to Better Employee Engagement (via @fastcompanyhttp://bit.ly/1gNBN9N 

Power Your Career by Exceeding Your Promises (via @BruceKasanoffhttp://linkd.in/1iZ9Jjo 

Cultivate Your Project Leadership Skills (via @artpettyhttp://bit.ly/1pOtJpH 

7 Things Great Employers Do (That Others Don’t) (via @HarvardBizhttp://bit.ly/Ph4iBE 

Creative Talents, But What Kind? (via @steveroeslerhttp://bit.ly/1myCJ26 

The Authentic Side of Leadership (via @TalentCulturehttp://bit.ly/1h6LOju 

Overcoming Your Decision-Making Fears (via @thoughtLEADERShttp://bit.ly/1pUg4gM 

How Leaders Harness Innovation to Out Think Competitors (via @michaelrhopkin)http://bit.ly/1lDx5OZ 

Taking a Look at Command, Control and Authority (via @gwynthttp://bit.ly/PmcGQT 

Thinking Around the Corner: Where Does Disruption Come From? (via @brw)http://bit.ly/1pUhmbI