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Management & Leadership Research

The Australian Institute of Management periodically publishes key findings of our research activities into management practice in Australia. Key research includes the Australian Management Capability Index which contributes to building a longitudinal profile of management capability in Australia and overseas, and the AIM National Salary Survey - the most comprehensive remuneration planning resource in Australia and a highly sought after report.

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AIM Research is at the forefront of management issues.  Your participation in our research will ensure our Thought Leadership initiatives deliver evidence-based, best practice research and advocacy to Australia.  If you would like to have your say on management matters, please click here to enter your details

Australian Management Capability Index

The Australian Management Capability (AMCI) Index provides an opportunity for CEOs and senior executives to track management performance over time and contributes to building a longitudinal profile of management capability in Australia and overseas.

Latest research

Engaging Middle Managers for Positive Organisational Change: Discussion Paper (Available for members only)

In examining how middle managers can be a positive force for organisational change, this discussion paper explores the bridging role they play, the importance of open communication, the cognitive and affective variables that inhibit or facilitate change, and the importance of building personal competency and organisational capability through contextualised training.

Gender Pay Equity 2015 (Available for members only)

AIM's 2015 analysis of gender pay differentials indicates that significant differences continue to exist in the amount of pay provided to full-time female and male employees in Australia, although the level of pay differentials appears to be narrowing.

Beyond Belief: The Management Reality of Generational Thinking: Key Findings (Available for members only)

AIM has put the spotlight on the generation debate and found that many of claims made about Generation Y are simply beyond belief. The key findings presented in this report provide an abridged version of the more comprehensive discussion paper detailed below.

Beyond Belief: The Management Reality of Generational Thinking: Discussion Paper (Available for members only)

This more comprehensive discussion paper punctures nine behavioural stereotypes that perpetuate poor management practices, identifies nine leadership perspectives to incorporate in management development programs, and highlights five leadership practices young managers find most challenging. Insights from this research provide clarity and encouragement to adopt a more sophisticated approach to accelerating the development of superb young managers.

Innovation: The New Imperative (Available for members only)

The findings of this survey reveal the key 'building blocks' of innovation and how they achieve improved business outcomes. The data confirms that organisations perform better when management embraces a structured, planned 'whole of organisation' approach to innovation.

Learning & Development in the Public Sector: Discussion Paper (Available for members only)

In an era of fiscal restraint, the outlook for all forms of public sector spending, including internal agency spending on learning and development (L&D) is challenging. The L&D budget is often an early target when agency budgets contract. AIM has produced this discussion paper because we believe that L&D should be treated as an investment to be managed, not a cost centre to be minimised.

Engaging and Retaining Older Workers: Discussion Paper (Available for members only)

Increasing the workforce participation of older workers is a key reform for enhancing organisational productivity. AIM's discussion paper outlines the key drivers and issues involved.

Shared Services in the Public Sector: White Paper (Available for members only)

AIM's white paper identifies the root cause of issues with previous public sector shared services implementations. Most importantly, this research outlines lessons and insights for the future.

Managing in a Flexible Work Environment: White Paper (Available for members only)

Staff working from home is an unavoidable way of the future which must be embraced. That's the message following the release of the AIM 2012 Managing in a Flexible Work Environment White Paper.

Gender Diversity Management: White Paper (Available for members only)

This paper has been produced by AIM in partnership with the Australian National Committee for UN Women (UN Women Australia), as a contribution to leading thought on relevant management topics.

Retaining Women in the Workforce (Available for members only)

This AIM survey seeks to explore the key issues behind the low numbers of women in our nation's executive ranks and the loss of women from the general workforce. Are the reasons linked to pay or the workplace environment? Or are the issues linked to children, family commitments or lifestyle choices responsible for this situation?

AIM Emissions Trading Scheme Survey

The Australian business sector is largely unprepared for the introduction of the Federal Government’s emissions trading scheme according to the findings of a new survey of top level executives conducted by the Australian Institute of Management.

AIM Australian Governance Survey

The AIM Australian Governance Survey seeks to provide a better understanding of the respective roles of management and directors in corporate governance.

Managing the Future Survey Series

AIM undertook a study in 2006 to determine the factors that influence an employee's decision to leave or stay with a company, the average length of service, and if employee engagement is influenced by company, individual or management related issues.

Australian Business Leaders Survey

This survey of AIM members represents one of the first comprehensive studies of Australian management and leadership undertaken since the release of the Karpin Report findings in 1995:

Management Development Practice in Australia

The objective of this research was to understand what is being done in Australian organisations to develop management talent and improve business performance.

Power and Leadership Survey

A survey of 560 Queensland managers including 132 CEOs who reported on the leadership behaviours of their most senior subordinates and 393 non-CEOs who reported on their supervisors.

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