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Manager of the Year

This category celebrates the innovation, strategic thinking and visionary leadership of executive and C-Suite leaders from the public and private sector.

Nominees include senior managers, executives and leaders of businesses across all industries, who have worked for their organisation in a professional management capacity.

The Manager of the Year category is not only for CEOs or high profile executives but is aimed at those who have made management their profession - who have had an extraordinary impact on their organisation's financial success through forward thinking strategies.

Nominees must be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to manage complex tasks, people, processes and the macro-environment
  • Recognition by their organisation, board, staff or other stakeholders as showing excellence in management and leadership
  • Effective communication of their organisation's goals and vision to all stakeholders
  • A commitment to mentoring or other leadership activities
  • Demonstrated performance to budget

Nominees may be employed in either the public or private sectors.

Please note, nominees aged between 18 and 30 years may wish to instead apply for Young Manager of the Year.