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ACT Excellence Awards winners announced

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three outstanding ACT managers have been named as the best in their field in the Australian Institute of Management’s annual Excellence Awards.

Philippa Moss has been named the ACT Not for Profit Manager of the Year for her role as Executive Director of AIDS Action Council of the ACT.

The AIDS Action Council has been operating for over 30 years and is the ACT's leading HIV organisation, providing care and support to people who are living with and impacted by HIV and AIDS. 

Since taking over as Executive Director, Ms Moss has drastically improved the AIDS Action Council’s financial performance while continuing her organisation’s reputation as a leader in the HIV sector and the community sector at large.

Judges said that Ms Moss had grown her organisation with a strong application of good management principles and found her to be inspirational and passionate while also being committed to her own professional and personal development.

As Ms Moss was speaking at the Australasian HIV and AIDS conference, her colleague Samara Garrett was on hand to accept the award for her.

“Phillipa is an amazing boss to work for and she is always telling us how much she loves her job,” Ms Garrett said.

“That’s really evident in the amount of time and energy she puts in and she’s highly regarded by all of the communities we work in.”

Nathan Symonds, 28 (pictured left) was named the Young Manager of the Year for his role as Team Leader, Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Specialist Equipment with Airservices Australia.

Mr Symonds role involves leading the team of engineering resources to ensure the specialist firefighting equipment the ARFF use are fit for purpose and serviceable at all times.

Judges said that while Mr Symonds comes from an accomplished technical background they were impressed by his deliberate focus on expanding his full range of management skills.

Mr Symonds demonstrated he understands that beyond advancing his technical skills, to be a good leader there is a need to develop his people management skills along with other soft skills.

“I’m astounded to win this award with such a high calibre of finalists and I’d like to thank the judges and AIM,” Mr Symonds said.

Angela Cusack (pictured right) was named the Owner Manager of the Year for her work as the principal and owner of Bespoke Services, a business that provides tailored Human Resource advice and support at an affordable price.

Under Ms Cusack’s leadership, her business experienced has experienced substantial business growth over the last 18 months while enabling her clients to achieve their own business success. 

Judges said Ms Cusack displayed a deep and broad skillset along with an excellent understanding of modern management, as she was unafraid to take on junior roles when required.

They also commended her strong focus on the motto of “the customer is king”, as she engages with clients over long time frames to ensure real impact.

“It’s an absolute privilege to win this award, I feel deeply honoured personally and it it’s a great win for the business too,” Ms Cusack said.

AIM CEO David Pich congratulated the winners of the ACT Excellence Awards and said it was fantastic to see such a high calibre of local leadership on display in Canberra.

“These three managers perfectly embody what these awards are about which is celebrating management excellence, no matter the position, location or industry,” Mr Pich said.

“With such a high calibre of finalists represented in each category, they can be immensely proud of their win and we look forward to seeing them in Melbourne for the National Excellence Awards.”

The winners of the ACT Excellence Awards will now have an opportunity to vie for the ultimate prize at the National Excellence Awards in Melbourne on October 16.