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AIM Events: Your ticket to business success

Thursday, April 23, 2015

AIM CEO Daniel Musson FAIM discusses how AIM is offering a refreshing take on the traditional events currently on the corporate calendar. With a multitude of options available, he outlines some of the reasons you should book your spot at the table.

In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape it has become more important than ever to take advantage of the opportunities a professional networking event provides. Hosting more than 100 events every year, the Australian Institute of Management has become a hub for leaders seeking professional development, management education and networking opportunities with other like-minded professionals.

Following the national merger in 2014, AIM took the opportunity to look at some of the long standing and popular events happening in different cities around Australia and extend them to a national audience for the first time. At the same time we’ve been seeking to ensure that each event is seen as an opportunity to connect local Members while promoting the achievements of local business leaders.

Our events are also part of a broader strategic focus on increasing productivity in three key demographics; women in business and leadership, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs as well as mature and experienced workers. We believe that engaging with these key demographics is critical to Australia’s growth and success so Members will continue to see this integration into our programs over the coming months and years.

Many of you will have been lucky enough to take advantage of Member rates at our partnership event with The Growth Faculty featuring Jim Collins in Sydney and Melbourne earlier this year. I myself was fortunate enough to attend and I was blown away by some of the pearls of wisdom on offer. The knowledge that experts of this calibre can impart could provide the epiphany you need to refocus your efforts in your business or provide the spark you need to achieve real growth.

While knowledge is power in the business world, everyone requires inspiration to help them realise their power and AIM offers a variety of events in which some of Australia’s most well-known leaders share their stories of success and triumph over adversity.

Now in its 21st year, AIM’s Outstanding Women Series has featured some of Australia’s most prominent women since former Victorian Premier Joan Kirner spoke at its inception in 1995. The highlight of the 2014 Outstanding Women’s Series was the appearance of Julia Gillard as the event’s 100th speaker where she passed on wisdom from the challenges she faced as Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

Extending to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for the first time in this year, these events attract an audience from a diverse range of industries, offering attendees valuable opportunities to network with other professionals in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

While we take the opportunity to esteem some of Australia’s most respected leaders, AIM also prides itself on the ability to unearth the next generation of leaders and business success stories.

Perhaps the largest event on AIM’s calendar is the annual Excellence Awards which have been recognising inspirational, passionate and talented managers for more than 20 years. Acknowledging the great work being done by managers in every state and territory, the Awards are contested right around Australia with a National Winner selected from the State Finalists.

Aside from inspiration, esteem and knowledge, AIM also provides fun events that allow attendees to take time out from their hectic schedules and share some laughs with other busy professionals.

AIM’s International Women’s Day Debate was held for the first time in Sydney and Melbourne this year after 18 years of entertaining sold out crowds in its hometown of Brisbane with witty arguments, powerful management insights and a refreshingly raw look at a provocative gender focused topic. AIM’s Annual Great Debate will also be held in Canberra in June of this year, offering a fantastic day out for all of those lucky enough to secure a table.

We’d love to hear more feedback on the types of personal and professional development events that Members would like to attend so that our events calendar can be truly representative of our valued membership base. For more information on which of these exclusive events are happening in your city or state, please visit