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AIM Research launches two new Surveys

Thursday, April 1, 2021

AIM Research has launched the 2021 Annual AIM Leadership Survey and the Learning and Development Survey

2021 Annual AIM Leadership Survey

AIM has just begun our third annual Leadership Survey where we seek to discover what defines quality leadership in a professional work context and the challenges to achieving it.

With the dramatic changes to the working landscape that have occurred since the beginning of 2020, turning working from home arrangements into a ubiquitous norm and reframing perspectives around employer expectations and having a healthy work-life balance, so too has our survey evolved with new questions:

  • How has COVID-19 and the other disruptions we’ve experienced affected our conception of professional leadership?
  • In today's physically distant workspaces, what does a productive employee-manager relationship look like and what skills and actions are used to maintain its effectiveness?
  • How do senior leaders gauge and improve worker engagement levels?
  • What place do concepts like office culture have in 2021?

We would greatly appreciate to receive your input and opinion about leadership and the necessary skills, traits, and behaviours that make for an effective manager.

Take part in the 2021 AIM Leadership Survey.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and all participants will receive a first copy of the results.

Learning and Development Survey

AIM is also concurrently running a survey into Australian organisations’ practices within the field of learning and development.

Studies have consistently found that one of the biggest positive factors on an organisation's employee engagement and retention rates is the training and professional development opportunities they provide. Understanding this particular value that it brings, we are interested in discovering how Australian organisations budget for learning and development and the methods of training they choose for their staff.

By completing this short and anonymous 5-minute survey, you will gain access to the results of our research before anyone else and be uniquely positioned to understand how your companies L&D plans compare to your peers and competitors.

You can use the results of this survey to create business cases for higher budgets, identify leading methods of development, or defend your current budget.