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AIM Staff Profile - Research Team Leader - Charles Go

Thursday, August 27, 2015

As part of a new ongoing series, we'll be interviewing one AIM Staff Member each month to find out a little bit about what they do and who the people are behind your AIM. This month we have Research Team Leader, Charles Go to tell us about himself and what his role entails.

Tell us about yourself

I was born in the Philippines but was raised in America.  While studying at the University of Sydney, I fell madly in love with an Aussie, but sadly had to move back after finishing my Economics degree.  Back in America, I tried to put my degree to good use by working in a financial newsletter publisher.  Working there before the GFC has taught to me to chase my happiness rather than money.  So after a nearly two year long distance relationship, I decided to come back to Sydney.  And earlier this year, I became an Australian citizen!

What do you do at AIM?

As the Research Team Leader, I stare at numbers all day and try and make sense of them.  Or more accurately, I am responsible for managing the various quantitative research projects; from creating and administering the survey to producing the final report(s).  Of course, I can’t do everything on my own.  My trusty Survey Administrator/Research Assistant, Eka Suputra, is always keen to get his hands on as many projects as he can. 

What is the National Salary Survey (NSS)?

This is AIM Research’s bread and butter!  AIM has produced the National Salary Survey (NSS) for over 50 years and we won’t be stopping anytime soon.  The NSS is a very useful tool to help attract and retain talent by ensuring your remuneration and benefits strategy is up to scratch.  The NSS comes in a big book that looks great on your desk, as well as a newly designed website that you can access on the net.  How great is that?!

What is the Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI)? 

Have you ever weighed yourself, and measured your height and plugged those into a Body Mass Index calculator? Well the Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI) is a similar thing.  Originally developed by the New Zealand Institute of Management (and later adopted by AIM), the AMCI asks CEOs and senior executives to rate their organisation on ten management competencies e.g. People Leadership, Financial Management, Innovation.  An easy to use index is then created so that you can compare your results with the rest of Australia.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to keep myself entertained.  At home I love watching movies and TV series (The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and the Sons of Anarchy are my favourites).  When I’m out, you will probably find me cruising around on my motorcycle, on my way to eat something unhealthy.  Not too long ago, a few of us at AIM embarked on a never ending quest to find Sydney’s best burger (so far Mary’s, Burger Bro and Bar Luca are at the top of the list).