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Business mastery: from specialist to generalist - a message from AIM Education and Training CEO Dan Musson

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

For a long time, 75 years in fact, we’ve been helping big businesses to strategically build the leadership and management capability within their organisation.

While we’re continuing to build these partnerships with some of Australia’s largest companies and employers, we’ve decide to start leveraging this expertise to help Australian small businesses owners to master every aspect of their operation. Although the ability to specialise is at the root of a small business’ competitive advantage, as a business owner you need to be able to effectively manage every aspect of your business to achieve ongoing success.

We hear stories all the time about people who start a small business because they’re passionate about the particular product or service they can offer but they find themselves with more questions than answers when it comes to the finer details of actually running the business. These entrepreneurs have decided to extend their passion into a broader business but they soon find themselves wearing a multitude of hats from a marketing manager to a chief financial officer and an HR manager.

In between building websites, monitoring cash flow and training staff, running a small business obviously requires a broader set of skills than just producing that product or service that they’re passionate about. That’s where we feel we can offer real value to Australian small businesses by giving these owners and entrepreneurs the access they need to contemporary knowledge and skill sets.

It’s a common misnomer that the only way to learn how to run a business is to simply get started and learn as you go. While that may work for some people, it certainly doesn’t for the majority as we’re all aware of how quickly a good idea or passion project can end up on the scrapheap. What we can offer to these businesses is a way of shortening the distance they have to go before they can find a solution to the problems they encounter along the way.

There is no silver bullet for solving all of the problems that a small business faces as by nature they are all offering highly specialised products and services. By implementing best practices into their businesses however, they can give themselves the best possible opportunity for realising their potential and achieving the success they deserve.

The ability to master your business starts by embracing a holistic approach in order to step out of your business to work on it, not in it. It’s important to take the time to focus on your strengths and weaknesses and take action to develop and master the skills necessary to succeed in business. Business mastery begins with the end in mind, reviewing and re-establishing your foundation and reconnecting with your “Why”.

AIM’s Business Mastery Program is leading the way by empowering entrepreneurs with cutting edge skills and knowledge to enable you to take charge and achieve business growth. This program will provide access to some of Australia’s most credible and experienced facilitators as well as practical business tools and support from expert mentors who can guide you with advice from their own personal business success and experience.

Whether your business is a recent start-up, a small to medium business ready for the next stage of growth or you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea to launch, AIM’s Business Mastery Program is designed to offer practical and proven solutions for taking your business to the next level.

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