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Know the going rate and the staying rate

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Are you paying your people what they are worth?

Unlike many other salary information products available in the Market, the AIM National Salary Survey is all about accuracy, reliability and comprehensiveness.

Now in its 51st incarnation, the NSS is widely regarded as the bible of Australian wage comparisons across a across a broad range of industries and professions.

Survey author Dr Malcom Johnson FAIM said the NSS was open to all organisations, regardless of size and assured the strictest confidentiality for survey participants.

“If you want to discover the staying rate, or the going rate, for your people the AIM National Salary Survey is a proven benchmark that has been relied upon by HR directors to ensure they are paying the right rate,” Dr Johnson said.

“Key findings of the 2014 survey revealed a weakening in demand for labour but 92 per cent paid an increased salary to at least some of their employees due to the contribution they made to the organisation.

“And while the national salary average increase was 3.6 per cent the salary movements varied across company size and sector.

“What I also found alarming was the reduction on salary for some traditional and respected occupations such as chief accountants, recruitment officers, data entry supervisors and internal auditors.”

The recently upgraded Survey contains more than 280 position profiles to benchmark your organisation against, including pay data from 23,000 employees in more than 600 companies across a range of businesses types.

The survey is invaluable in identifying the greatest challenges companies are facing include developing effective leaders, engaging and motivating employees and managing poor performance.

Click here to find out more about the Survey or to pre-order your copy of the 2015 Survey, due for release at the end of April.

Members who pre-order the 2015 Survey before Friday March 31st will receive a 10 percent discount on the hard copy report, online pay data and online data customisation tools.