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Leadership Direct: New Professional Development launching today

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

AIM Professional and Corporate Select Members now have access to a new series of Learning Journeys designed to build management and leadership capability. Launching today in Leadership Direct, Australia’s largest online management database, is six new Learning Journeys targeting vital skills for managers and leaders to grow and develop.

Whether you are moving into an executive role, from a technical to managerial role, or a team leader planning the next step in your career - AIM Learning Journeys equip you with core knowledge and skills to better prepare you for the challenges of leadership, at any level in an organisation. To get the most out of each Learning Journey you should read the articles, use the checklists and other tools, and listen to the Leader Videos for further insights. The new Learning Journeys include:


Managing your personal behaviour by developing self-awareness capabilities is central to leadership.  What's interesting is that self-awareness is often not what people think about too much or believe they can change or improve on, and yet it is one of the defining characteristics of an effective leaders. 
Insights are provided on the importance of self-awareness from Harvard Business Review and McKinsey Quarterly and practical advice from Michael D Watkins book, the First 90 Days, along with a number of other resources to help you develop or improve your self-awareness capabilities.


Describing the essence of an organisations and its aspirations in one sentence that endures over time is not easy, but many leaders agree time invested in creating a vision that the whole of the organisation can subscribe to, will be rewarded. This Learning Journey focuses on understanding what a 'Vision" is, the important role it plays for the whole organisation, and how to create an authentic and aspirational vision, shared by all who work there.


Moving from a manager to a leadership role is a step shift for potential leaders as they respond to the challenges and develop new skills and capabilities to succeed in their role. Some skills can be practiced well before a promotion or landing a new job, others acquired as you gain confidence as a leader.  This Learning Journey focuses on what you can do at a personal level to ready yourself for a leadership position.  Once in the role, you need to know how to plan out what's achievable and make use of the support on offer to smooth the transition.


Leading organisations are moving away from annual performance appraisals, replacing them with regular one-on-one performance and development-based discussions with their employees. This Learning Journey looks at why organisations are reviewing their performance management system, the key features and benefits of continuous performance management and some guidance on having performance management discussions with employees.

WALKING THE TALK (100 minutes)

This Learning Journey looks at the important role values, a sense of purpose and ownership play in determining the essence of good leadership. Extensive research undertaken by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business found that a genuine culture of integrity driven by leaders, adds significant value to company performance.  Further interviews with experienced leaders in Australia and the UK, along with examples on taking feedback to assess how well you are performing as a leader and how you respond to this feedback from your employees, can provide valuable insight on whether you are really 'walking the talk'.


It was Daniel Goldman who pioneered the term 'Emotional Intelligence' in his 1985 book of the same name.  He went on to apply the concept in business by researching 200 global companies and found a direct relationship between emotional intelligence and measurable results. Qualities usually associated with leadership such as intelligence, toughness, determination and vision, while important, it is emotional intelligence that distinguishes effective leadership. The good news is emotional intelligence can be learned – and this Learning Journey shows you how.

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