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Relaunching the AIM brand

Monday, September 15, 2014

I am pleased to announce that AIM Group will soon embark on an exciting new chapter in the Institute’s history when we relaunch the AIM Brand across the nation for the first time as an enterprise. The AIM Brand relaunch is a natural progression for AIM Group after the historic merger of the state-based divisions in late 2013.

Over this period I have had the opportunity to hear from members and read their insights through member surveys which have pointed to the need for AIM to elevate its awareness and standing in the business community. The reinvigoration of the AIM brand was borne out of an inside out brand review where both members and staff worked together on getting to the heart of what the AIM brand stands for and what the ideal AIM brand would look like. The review defined how AIM needs to be repositioned to ensure a prominent standing in the management and leadership community.

It is thanks to our member’s feedback and insight into the AIM brand that the new brand will centre on the idea of ‘Realise your Power’. AIM has a rich history of helping people become managers and managers become leaders for almost 75 years. Great managers and leaders make decisions every day that affect people’s lives. With the right training, network and focus, these decisions can have a positive impact. Put simply, the better the leader, the better the decision. The better the decision, the wider the effect.

As a brand, AIM hasn’t been overt about telling and selling our story publically. Throughout October and November and then into the new year, a series of campaigns that will mean for the first time in many years members and the public will start to see AIM across mainstream media channels.

In late September a dedicated member communications will be mailed out to all current members. This pack will contain more exciting information about the brand relaunch and a sneak peak at some of the new brand work that will start to roll out from October.

Another key component of our visibility will be the new, user-friendly and state-of-the-art national website that will be the first port of call for Members, stakeholders and the entire international audience to locate information about membership, courses, events and research.

We are also harmonising our curriculum into a customer focused and needs driven national suite of short courses and qualifications ranging from a Certificate IV right through to our revolutionary Online MBA program. The 2015 Training Directory is now live and can be accessed here.

The AIM Group has also developed a market leading online virtual campus called AIM Connect that will provide an online community where collaboration and engagement can provide a more effective learning experience. We are extremely proud of our new Online MBA program which we will take the best of our seven year history of face to face delivery in South Australia and we believe will shake up the market with a customer centric offering that works around the student and democratises the opportunity to access higher education to a larger market. The MBA will provide a challenging, stimulating, and practical ‘nested’ MBA that allows students to study at their own pace and in their own time.

The national merger has fortified AIM’s long-held position as Australia’s largest management organisation and with nearly 12,000 Personal and Corporate Members and 11 offices in major cities across the country.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about the Institute’s future as we continue to grow the profile and brand of AIM and ensure that members wear their AIM badge with pride.