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Student Membership

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

This year AIM has launched the new Student Membership (AIMs) category which has lead to a heavy increase in individuals who are currently completing an undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate qualification coming on board as AIMs Members. Being a part of a professional community that provides resources for professional development and access to a powerful network of managers and leaders is a great asset to any student who needs a competitive edge as they enter the workforce. 

The AIMs Student website has recently undergone a facelift which will raise the profile of this new Membership category.  The new website is positioned to cater specifically to the student demographic, with content created to explicitly address the interests and concerns of Members who are in the process of completing their studies.

As part of the AIMs Membership, Student Members can access a wide range of tools and resources to support them in their leadership journey. One of the highlights is an  internship program which provides AIMs Student Members with paid positions within the AIM organisation. Student Members work alongside experienced managers as they gain a unique insight into the workplace and take away practical work experience.

For more information on AIM internships or AIMs Membership  contact the Membership team at or 1300 661 061 or visit