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On the Couch: New interview series from AIM

Thursday, January 14, 2016

We’re always excited about tackling the big issues here at AIM. Our new interview series ‘On the Couch’ features AIM Chief Executive, David Pich discussing a wide variety of issues with some of Australia’s most respected managers and leaders.

These candid chats aim to unpack some of the most topical areas of management and leadership, beginning this month with the topic “what is the distinction between a manager and a leader?”

Dave is joined for the first episode of On the Couch by two esteemed Members of the Australian Institute of Management, John Goddard FAIM and Simon Smith FAIM.

Managing and leading teams has been a lifelong interest for John Goddard and many of his personal experiences are covered in his new book focused on SME business owners ‘Business Owner to CEO’. His current activities as a Director of advisory firm, Better Managers include: establishing and improving advisory Boards, implementing People development programs, coaching on how to recruit the best people, and implementing Balanced Scorecard business planning processes.

Simon Smith is the Founder, Owner and Principal of Southern Cross Coaching and Development. Simon was awarded Coach of the Year 2013 by the International Coach Federation Australia, and was a Finalist in the Owner/Manager of the Year 2014 in AIM’s Excellence Awards. He also holds the Queen’s Commission having been an officer in the British Royal Air Force, where he led a variety of teams in peacetime and non-peacetime situations.

Keep an eye out for the second interview in the series next month, with Stephanie Lorenzo AIMM and John Pender FAIM.