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The Gold Pass to career success

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mental health consultants Kim Walder AFAIM and Irene Henley FAIM have revolutionised their careers through AIM’s Gold Pass training package.

After spending 20 years with Queensland Health, both were looking for the right training package to complement their extensive professional experience.

The purchase of an AIM Gold Training Pass has enabled them to attend dozens of courses at Management House in Brisbane including a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Crafting a Consulting Career and Women: Positioned for Leadership.

Both women have completed an Advanced Diploma of Management and are still gaining credits towards further qualifications while starting their own consultancy business that will provide mental health training for managers.

Ms Henley has said that the Gold Pass offered by AIM has given her the opportunity to establish a new career plan based on the training and advice she has received.

“After leaving Queensland Health I was looking for training that was contemporary and was conducted by people who were actual business practitioners and I felt that AIM could better provide this than a traditional university program,” Ms Henley said.

“The opportunity to learn in an environment with other managers and professionals is important as that shared knowledge is very valuable as is the opportunity to form new professional networks and partnerships.”

“I’ve been able to take what I’ve learnt at AIM and immediately apply it to the workplace which is a great way to learn. It has also given me the opportunity to find out what I’m really passionate about, what I want to do and that’s how we’ve come up with the idea to start this business.”

Ms Walder has said the Crafting a Consulting Career course in particular was very valuable as it was through this course that she and Ms Henley were able to start putting together a plan for their own consultancy business.

“That course was crucial in pulling all of the other training together to start thinking about how we can leverage our own experience from the health industry and launch this consulting business,” Ms Walder said. “The opportunity to meet people from such a variety of industries was also very valuable as you can start to see some universal synergies that are applicable to any industry.

“There is a level of collaboration at AIM between the teachers, facilitators and other attendees that gives the place a real family feel as it becomes about the people as much as it is the training.”

More information about AIM’s 2015 Gold Pass will be available soon.