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The new AIM, coming to a screen near you!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The AIM Group has embarked on an exciting new chapter in the Institute’s history as the AIM Brand is re-launched across the nation for the first time as an enterprise.

The AIM Brand re-launch is a natural progression for AIM Group after the historic merger of the state-based divisions in late 2013.

Since the national merger, AIM has had the opportunity to hear from members and read their insights through member surveys which have pointed to the need for AIM to elevate its awareness and standing in the business community.

The reinvigoration of the AIM brand was borne out of an inside out brand review where both members and staff worked together on getting to the heart of what the AIM brand stands for and what the ideal AIM brand would look like.

It is thanks to members’ feedback and insights into the AIM brand that the new brand will centre on the idea of ‘Realise your Power’.

AIM has a rich history of helping people become managers and managers become leaders for almost 75 years.

Great managers and leaders make decisions every day that affect people’s lives.

With the right training, network and focus, these decisions can have a positive impact.

Put simply, the better the leader, the better the decision. The better the decision, the wider the effect.

As a brand, AIM hasn’t been overt about telling and selling its story publically.

In the following months, a series of campaigns will mean for the first time in many years members and the public will start to see AIM across mainstream media channels.

The national merger has fortified AIM’s long-held position as Australia’s largest management organisation and with nearly 12,000 Personal and Corporate Members and 11 offices in major cities across the country.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about the Institute’s future as the profile and brand of AIM continues to grow and AIM ensures that members wear their badge with pride.