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Unveiling the Corporate HealthCheck: Where does your organisation stand?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Developed from the Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI) research, AIM is delighted to unveil an organisation wide leadership HealthCheck as a core benefit in the AIM Corporate Membership package. 

Give your organisation a leadership HealthCheck

HealthCheck is a unique and independent assessment tool that will evaluate your organisation across 10 key management areas. It will identify your organisation's areas of strength, areas of improvement, and will benchmark your results against comparable companies. HealthCheck measurements and performance benchmarking are derived using data from AIM's Australian Management Capability Index Research.

Your HealthCheck report is easy to read and will clearly explain the areas your organisation needs to focus on to improve mamagement capability. Furthermore, your report will offer a range of solutions to target the areas of improvement. This can include a holistic development plan built around formal training, professional development, staff learning journeys and knowledge centre resources.

How does it work?
Step 1 - We will send a survey to a minimum of 4 leaders or managers at all levels to get their feedback on how your business is performing in 10 capability areas. 
Step 2 - Our research team will analyse the information your organisation has provided and create a confidential report that compares your result with 420 best in class Australian companies, through the Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI).
Step 3 - You will receive a report outlining your results in addition to recommendations that will help to life those areas identified for improvement. Your local Engagement Manager will be in touch to talk through the results and help to map your way forward. 

HealthCheck is a powerful, just-in-time tool to drive improvement through your business. Valued at $500 - a HealthCheck assessment is complimentary with AIM Corporate Membership. To find out how an AIM Corporate Membership can help you, contact us on 1300 661 601 or