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Welcome to the February edition of Leading Edge - from Emerging Leaders Board Chair Rob Soros

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Welcome to the second edition of Leading Edge, AIM’s monthly Member newsletter. I’m delighted to welcome you on behalf of the AIM Emerging Leaders Board of which I’ve been the Chair for the past two years.

As I hand over the baton, I’m excited about the opportunities ahead for our emerging leaders, as well as our broader Member base.

To our Members, I encourage you to talk to your peers, particularly the younger (or ‘emerging’) managers and leaders in your network, about the exciting initiatives coming up at AIM. The Emerging Leaders Board has equipped AIM with a strong support network to foster growth for the next generation of leaders.

AIM is committed to investing in the growth of our Emerging Leaders in the Membership base. The Emerging Leader category is a diverse Membership category spanning from graduates passionate about better leadership to developing managers and leaders. What ties the Emerging Leaders category together is the aspirational and assiduous nature of these Members as they work towards setting the best practice for future leaders.

With the needs of our Emerging Leaders in mind, our Board has been working on ensuring services provide value and relevance to the Emerging Leader Membership category in three distinct areas:

1.       Growing your tribe

Networking is critical for developing sound leadership capabilities and providing access to the right opportunities. The tribe concept is important as the professional spread of our Members lies across a diverse range of industries. As such, it’s important to encourage collaboration and connection by remembering what ties us together – better management and better leadership for a better society.

2.       Grow your profile

With AIM actively invested in advocating for the future in management, it’s time we put the spotlight on Members who exemplify these qualities. For our future leaders it is important to start growing their profiles in the management and wider community. This year we are going to provide platforms for our Members to raise their profiles and engage with our Emerging Leader community so that Australia knows exactly what the future of leadership will look like.

3.       Grow your self

As with all our Members, the Emerging Leaders know too well that self-development and continuous learning are the foundations for personal growth and success. With the drive and ambition linked to this Membership category, it’s no surprise this is an area our Board has focused on. Access to materials and services has been a strategic focus and will provide a continuum across Membership categories as our Emerging Leaders grow with AIM.

This is only the beginning as we continue to engage with our Emerging Leaders and improve AIM’s offerings to better suit them.

Keep an eye out for the February magazine in your mail box in a couple of weeks as it will outline the broader Membership offering as well as what’s coming up in 2016 in greater detail.

Until then I want to highlight the 2016 Leadership Outlook roadshow commencing in various locations this week and into March. AIM will engage with over 500 Members and their networks at 12 events. This roadshow signifies the start of an action-packed year at AIM, and will be a good mix of theory on strategy and culture, plus an interactive workshop. Keep an eye out for other upcoming events via 

As you are seeing, and will continue to see throughout the year, this is an exciting time to be a part of AIM. The Emerging Leaders Board is committed to continuing to enhance these offerings so that we can continue to develop a space for our future leaders at AIM, and promote best practice in leadership through our Members. If you have suggestions or would like to learn more about the Emerging Leaders category, the other Board members and I are keen to hear from you.

Please continue to promote the developments at AIM to your network, especially those who would be a good fit with our Emerging Leader category, and watch for further developments in this space.

You will hear more in coming months but if you have a particular interest please contact in the meantime.

Rob Soros

Outgoing Chair

AIM Emerging Leaders Board