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Young Manager Advisory Board breaks new ground

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Australian Institute of Management has appointed three new members to its prestigious Young Manager Advisory Board (YMAB).

Established in June 2012, the YMAB was formed to engage with and enhance the careers of young managers and to provide a platform for them from which to voice their opinions on the profession and challenges of management excellence.

Under the leadership of inaugural Chair Craig Somerville AFAIM, the YMAB is driving the next generation of young managers to the Institute and AIM now has over 200 Members under 30, more than doubling the numbers since 2012.

AIM Chief Executive Officer Daniel Musson FAIM said the YMAB had exceeded many people’s expectations since its inception.

“The YMAB started from a standing start and through thought-leading campaigns like the AIM30, our level of Members under 30 continually grows and these new appointments will only add to that momentum,” Mr Musson said.

The incoming YMAB members, Stephanie McConachy AIMM, Rob Soros AIMM and Jake Richardson AIMM replace Rebecca Bell AFAIM, Selena Cartwright AFAIM and Dan O’Brien AFAIM who have all completed their two-year tenures. Mr Somerville thanked the departing trio for their dedication and commitment and welcomed the new appointments to their roles.

Ms McConachy, 27, has already achieved success in her chosen profession of marketing and communications and is currently Marketing Manager at Pricewaterhouse Coopers Adelaide. She said she was delighted to have been appointed to the YMAB and hoped to encourage a sense of determination among her generation.

“I enjoy challenging the status quo to see how we can improve and make things easier to take a company to the next step,” Ms McConachy said. “Often in marketing and communications the projects you’re working on are a team effort so being appointed to the YMAB is a fantastic opportunity for me.”

Rob Soros, 25, a Communications Officer with Bluecare in Melbourne said he was looking forward to working closely with his fellow YMAB members and already has many ideas to contribute. Mr Soros has amassed many career highlights in his short career including a recent stint in China working on public relations campaigns for clients such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“I’m very excited to be appointed to the YMAB because I believe organisations need to embrace change, transparency and adaptability,” Mr Soros said. “Young managers can provide real value to organisations through creative fresh ideas and this is what I hope to promote through this appointment.”

Jake Richardson, a 25-year-old senior accountant with Tilbrook Rasheed Chartered Accountants in Adelaide was delighted to have been appointed and said he would like to promote a sense of camaraderie among other young managers.

“As an accountant, we have an industry body that we all belong to and I have found this an invaluable network for talking with other accountants and discussing the kinds of challenges we face,” Mr Richardson said. “I think that management as a profession needs the same level of recognition and an industry body such as AIM is the perfect network for young managers to be involved with in order to exchange ideas and career advice.”

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