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Answers to frequently asked questions relating to AIM's policies and proceedures relating to the COVID-19 virus. For further information, please refer to AIM's offical COVID-19 Policy.

For clarification on any of the terminology used below, please refer to the Glossary of Terms. For additional Frequently Asked Questions, please see AIM's general FAQ page. For questions relating to AIM's MBA Program, see the MBA FAQ page.

How will AIM respond to confirmed cases on campus?

AIM will notify the Health Department and inform participants.

Will my class be smaller?

AIM class sizes will be based off the size of the training room. We will be adhering to social distancing advice.

Should I wear a mask?

This is Dependant on local government mask mandates

What if I am sick and can not attend?

If you unable to attend due to illness we will transfer you to next available session.