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Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 12:28

The rise and rise of Vocational Education Training in 2015

The Federal Government recently made the admission that money is being wasted on courses undertaken by about three million workers each year, leaving Australian employers without the skilled employees they need. The role of government in filling skill shortages has always been a delicate balancing act between servicing the needs of industry, providing much needed employment pathways for workers and ensuring that the education institutions themselves remain relevant and economically viable

Ensuring that valuable infrastructure projects and industrial economic pillars are built on solid foundations of skilled employees is a pursuit that the government should and will concern itself with. It is reasonable though to expect the education institutions themselves are keeping pace with the fast changing needs of employers and not just providing the bureaucratic “tick and flick” that ensures their revenue stream remains uninterrupted.

A model that encourages direct partnerships between educators and employers provides the impetus for teaching students the contemporary knowledge and skills they need to be effective in their future employment. Nurturing these partnerships while also creating options for individuals to tailor their own training needs will ensure that education institutions are able to remain nimble, responsive and viable into the future.

This is the model undertaken by the Australian Institute of Management with its unique mix of business education training products. For more than 75 years AIM has been partnering with industry to ensure that its offerings provide the most up to date information for Australian managers and leaders. In 2015, AIM’s Corporate Solutions provide employers of every size the opportunity to tailor training packages that suit their specific business objectives.

This cultivated knowledge of employer needs has guided the creation of AIM’s harmonised list of 82 short courses and qualifications that are available at short notice for professionals in 11 locations right around Australia. AIM Business School also offers graduate qualifications, from a diploma of management right through to an MBA, which are also heavily informed by the demands of today’s employers. Students in every AIM program, from a two day time management course through to the MBA program, are encouraged to consider the needs of their own organisation and apply their learnings immediately to the workplace.

By partnering with Australian businesses and in turn with professionals at every stage of their career, AIM intends to remain the most trusted career partner of Australian managers and leaders well into the future. For more information please visit